Parenting or Adoption


Planning to parent may seem overwhelming. We are here to support the pregnant mother, as well as the father of the baby, and other family members as well. We offer Education and Material Help.

Earn While You Learn (EWYL) is a program designed to educate while helping new parents with supplies needed to care for your child. The Fatherhood Program is a mentoring program specifically designed for expectant - and current - fathers. Participation in the EWYL or Fatherhood Program is free of charge.

Adoption - A Mature, Loving Option

As the Birth Mother, you would have control choosing any adoption plan. There are varying types of adoption and you have several options available to you including:

OPEN ADOPTION – You can have continued ongoing contact with the child and the adoptive family.

SEMI – OPEN ADOPTION – You can have continued, limited contact with the child, such as letters and photos. This is often mediated by a third party.

CLOSED ADOPTION – You would have no contact with the adoptive family during or after your pregnancy. There would be no letters or photos while the child is growing up.

Contact us for more on any of these options. We do not facilitate adoption but can educate you on these options.